Onco360 receives specialty pharmacy accreditation from URAC

Onco360 has been awarded Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation from URAC, the pharmacy announced Monday.

Pharmacy representatives state that with URAC accreditation, the quality of the pharmacy's services is validated from the outside.

URAC is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that evaluates and sets quality standards for the health care industry. The evaluation is a rigorous process that involves deep investigations in to the pharmacy and its practices.

“Onco360 is committed to providing the highest quality oncology pharmacy care to patients suffering from cancer, and we are proud to receive this accreditation,” Onco360 President and CEO Paul Jardina said. “By applying for and receiving URAC accreditation, we demonstrated not only a commitment to our patients and their caregivers, but also to high quality and responsible health care.”

Specialty pharmacies focus on high-level treatments that require more patient attention and monitoring. Many of these patients suffer from chronic conditions or bouts of cancer that require a complex and rigorous medication regimen, and pharmacies that fall within this category may apply for the specialty accreditation program.

"We believe this additional accreditation not only validates the excellence of our services, but also serves as an important guide for ongoing monitoring and improvement of our organization and processes,” Jardina said.