Diplomat celebrates 40 years of providing services

Founded in 1975 by Dale Hagerman and his son Phil Hagerman, the company’s current chairman and CEO, Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of providing pharmacy services throughout the country.

Diplomat, which was founded on the philosophy “take good care of patients, and the rest falls into place,” has grown into the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy. It is committed to helping patients with complicated chronic conditions.

"We remain committed to our philosophy by taking care of one patient at a time for happier lives and health that lasts," Phil Hagerman said. "Our patients are more than customers; they are remarkable stories of human triumph. It is our honor to support their health, helping them thrive in their lives. Our philosophy continues to be as it was when my dad had the pharmacy almost 40 years ago and we look forward to upholding for the next 40 years to come."

Today, Diplomat relies on its history of innovation to set the standard for patient care. To find out more about Diplomat's 40th anniversary visit diplomat.is/forty/.