North York General Hospital to present study findings at Canadian seminar

North York General Hospital announced today that Edith Rolko, director of pharmacy and infection prevention and control, will present the findings of a quality study about the Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System at the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists Seminar on March 20.

North York General Hospital deployed the Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System from MEPS Real-Time, Inc. in Sept. 2014. North York General was the first hospital in Canada to leverage a radio frequency identification medication management solution to improve efficiency and accuracy in pharmacy operations.

"Improving patient safety is the primary goal of the pharmacy department at North York General Hospital," Rolko said. "Our quality study provided quantitative data to show how an automated system for restocking medications can significantly reduce the risk of medication errors and, in turn, improve patient safety. The MEPS Real-Time, Inc. automated Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System will play an important role in keeping patients safe and improving efficiencies within the pharmacy and clinical areas."

The study, conducted by North York General Hospital and MEP Real-Time, Inc., confirmed that the hospital’s registered pharmacy technicians were able to achieve 100 percent accuracy when restocking medication trays while using the management system