LegitScript releases Internet pharmacy guide

Compliance firm LegitScript, which monitors Internet-based sales of health care products for safety and legality, announced today that it is releasing a complimentary Internet pharmacy guide for domain registrars and registries.

The guide combines regulations and laws that relate to online prescription drugs sales in key countries around the world. The document also recommends best practices for registrars and registries when responding to abuse complaints about domain names used for unlawful prescription drug sales.

Recognized by the National Association of Boards and Pharmacies, LegitScript’s Internet pharmacy classification structure labels pharmacies as "legitimate" or "rogue."

"Rogue Internet pharmacies are one of the largest, if not the largest, subjects of abuse notifications to registrars," LegitScript President John Horton said. "There have been multiple incidents of deaths and illnesses over the last several years related to these unsafe websites. We want to make it as easy as possible for registrars to address these complaints, and part of that is helping to consolidate, summarize and explain the various laws and regulations."

The rogue Internet pharmacies are a focus for international law enforcement, as experts say approximately 97 percent of Internet pharmacies are operating illegally.

The policy guide is available at legitscript.com/registrars/guide/.