Aetheon introduces automated replenishment kit

Aetheon Inc., has announced it will unveil its newest product in its automated replenishment line, the MedEx TraySafe at the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Exhibition, starting Saturday.

The system incorporates bar codes that have been standardized by the industry, and the bar code system will be a requirement as part of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act beginning in 2017. The product, according to the announcement, ensures that medication trays are kept up to date and stocked. Automated systems also track and log medication as it is distributed. They also have capabilities to allow quick response to any recalls or other event requiring the removal of drugs from distribution.

"Pharmacies are in the logistics business as much as they are in the patient care business," Aethon CEO and President Aldo Zini said. "Yet managing the full lifecycle of preconfigured kits and trays from replenishment to distribution has been a longstanding challenge for pharmacy directors. Aethon has a solid track record of delivering innovative logistics solutions and we are pleased to introduce TraySafe. We drew upon our extensive background in managing and tracking medication preparation and deliveries to develop a next-generation and patent-pending kit and tray management solution using non-proprietary industry-standard labeling that makes automated replenishment safer, less expensive and more efficient."

The company will be holding demonstrations at the ASHP Exhibition that will take place at the Colo. Convention Center in Denver Saturday through Wednesday.