US Oncology and Cure Forward collaborate to advance clinical research

U.S. Oncology Research yesterday announced a new collaboration with Cure Forward, a patient activation company, to make personalized medicine more accessible in the community setting, reinforcing the teamwork between physicians and patients.

Cure Forward allows patients to request their genomic results from physician-ordered laboratory tests performed by accredited diagnostics laboratories. The results are delivered in digital form to the patient’s online account. After the data is delivered, patients can use the Cure Forward platform to connect to applicable information, clinical trials and other patients with similar characteristics.

U.S. Oncology Research offers approximately 225 clinical trials across 160 locations nationwide. Many physicians affiliated with U.S. Oncology Research are also part of the U.S. Oncology Network, which provides care to more than 800,000 patients every year.

The two organizations will collaborate to provide educational resources and improved clinical trial matching.

“Through Cure Forward’s services, our hope is that new patients will find their way into practices within the U.S. Oncology Network and gain exposure to U.S. Oncology Research trials,” Cure Forward CEO Martin Naley said. “We are pleased to work with U.S. Oncology Research on this collaboration, which could boost patient participation in clinical research and bring new therapies to more patients sooner.”