Mako Medical Caps Pharmacy Cost for Over 300 Medications

Mako Medical issued the following announcement on Feb. 7.

Mako Medical Laboratories through MakoRx launched a new pharmacy program for families struggling with the cost of medication. 

"MakoRx uses a proprietary cost/plus model and leverages a network of independent pharmacies around the country to dispense the medication.  This new program allows families to pay only $25 per month, select from a list of 300 different medications, and get them whenever they are needed — at NO ADDITIONAL COST. This allows families to budget only $25 per month to have access to medications like blood pressure, mental health, antibiotics, and other commonly prescribed medications," says Dr. Vinay Patel, President of MakoRx. 

Families all over America are struggling with rising prescription costs and access. This subscription model makes it easy. When a patient has a prescription for any drug on the 300 list — there's NO additional cost. The patient simply walks into the pharmacy and gets the medicine for free. The only cost was the membership fee of $25 per month. MakoRx is working on expanding the list from 300 to include over 500 different medications that could be selected at NO additional cost. Through this model, MakoRx will leverage access to over 16,000 pharmacies around the country to dispense for this program. 

This new model will also be leveraged by Accountable Care Organizations and large medical practices that are working to get their patients compliant with their medications. Research shows many prescriptions are not refilled because of cost. This ultimately has an impact on outcomes and the quality scores the doctors are now measured on. Patients simply can't afford routine care. 

This program will change how families tackle rising prescription costs by capping their monthly expense. Medications not listed on the 300 list could still be purchased through the pharmacy network at an additional cost with MakoRx's loyalty card. Savings are as high as 80% for these medications that are not included on the card. 

MakoRx's new mobile app is scheduled to be released March 2020. "We have worked really hard to put a program together that is easy, transparent, and will make an impact for families all over America," said Chad Price, President of Mako Medical. 

Mako Medical, Mako Medical Laboratories and MakoRx are known for their extensive community service, hiring military veterans and their propriety technology. Mako Medical has won awards for innovation, growth, and community service.

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