PHARMACEUTICAL CARE MANAGEMENT CARE ASSOCIATION: Federal Circuit Court Unanimously Strikes Down Arkansas Mandate Restricting PBM Tools

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous three judge decision, today ruled in favor of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association’s (PCMA) challenge (PCMA vs. Rutledge) to Arkansas law, Act 900, which restricted pharmacy benefit management (PBM) tools, and required employers and consumers to pay higher rates to independent drugstores for prescription drugs. Read More »

PHARMACEUTICAL CARE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION: Independent Drugstore Lobby Agenda Raises Government Costs, Increases Deficit

As the independent drugstore lobby descends on Capitol Hill this week to push for costly new government health mandates, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) continues to highlight how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) reduce prescription drug costs and improve benefits for consumers, employers, unions, and public programs. Read More »