Retail Management Solutions partners with VUCA Health on drug information system

Retail Management Solutions, a leader in point of sale (POS) systems that supply small pharmacies with specialized POS software, said Thursday it has partnered with VUCA Health to allow clients access to a new feature called MedsOnCue. 

MedsOnCue will help pharmacists educate patients on prescription drug use. It works through QR codes printed on the patient copies of prescription drug receipts. Patients can scan the code with a smartphone or mobile devices and be directed to a video created by VUCA Health. The video will provide information about the prescription drug the patient purchased.

The videos featured on MedsOnCue are similar to prescription drug pamphlets - they have information on side effects and when to see medical attention. However, they are different from traditional pamphlets because they deliver important drug information in a viewer-friendly way.

"A lot of people leave a pharmacy and they throw away the instruction pamphlet, leaving them with no idea how to take the drug they've just purchased," Retail Management Solutions Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Gross said. "Combining VUCA Health's videos and technology with our software, the MedsOnCue feature underscores the message of increased awareness for patient health and pharmacy efficiency.”

MedsOnCue has been developed and tested. Pharmacies with Retail Management Solutions POS systems have already started using the new feature.