Medical Specialists pharmacy encourages men to participate on Men's Health Week

Medical Specialist’s NHS Online Pharmacy is encouraging men in England and Wales to participate in this year’s annual Men’s Health Week starting Monday.

Each year, Men’s Health Week has a different theme. Men’s Health Week 2015 will focus on ‘"Healthy Living for Men," urging men all around the U.K. to consider their lifestyles. The campaign will be particularly challenging men to look after their relationships and well-being; not smoke; drink wisely; be active; watch their weight; and attend their National Health Service Health Check.

The Men’s Health Forum targets groups of men with the worst health and shows them they can make positive changes to boost their life. Statistics compiled by the Men's Health Forum in July 2014 revealed much about the state of male health in Britain.

Suicide is the leading cause of deaths in men under the age of 35, with approximately 78 percent of suicides carried out by men. Additionally, 12.5 percent of men in the U.K. were diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and men are almost three times more likely than women to become dependent on alcohol.