warns against buying medicines online in India warns against buying medicines online in India. warns against buying medicines online in India.
As the number of online pharmacies dispensing over the counter medicines increases, global players view India as a fertile ground for online pharmacies due to the availability of a diverse patient pool and presence of many Indian and multinational drug companies.

However, online pharmacies can’t claim themselves as a separate entity that can dispense prescription drugs, unless it’s connected to a retail pharmacy with a physical address and the required license to dispense and sell drugs.

The online drug dispensation field in India is troubled by the dangers of unregulated players ruling the field, according to Lax rules and lack of proper regulatory framework result in unethical practices such as selling banned, spurious or illegal drugs, expired drugs and selling drugs and sedatives to minors who use them for recreational purposes.

According to, its is common to send a scanned Rx by scanning the same and sending to an online pharmacy, but problem with scanned Rx is that it is vulnerable to abuse or self-medication. believes Indian drug regulators should be taking steps in creating appropriate legal frameworks and required amendments in order to put an end to the illegal practices of online drug dispensers in India. is an online group organized by medical professionals based in Mumbai to inform people about buying medicines online.